Is Your Garden Summer-Ready?

Summer has arrived and the number one “must” in keeping your lawns and garden looking great is water. If you haven’t already, check your reticulation is working properly. If you have dry spots, a nozzle could be blocked with sand or a sprinkler covered with grass, so get it checked. Put some weta soil on your […]

27 November

Lush Spring Perth Gardens

The sun is shining, the birds are singing and the bees are buzzing. This means only one thing… Spring is here and it’s time to get your garden looking lush! Reach for the fertiliser, whether it is organic such as sheep and chicken poo or NPK blue and slow release granule. All of your plants are waking […]

12 September

Pre-Spring Garden Preparation

Can you believe it….it’s almost the end of Winter? Let’s take care of any jobs that need doing before Spring arrives and our gardens spring back into life. Prune Your Roses If you haven’t already, prune back your roses and give them a dose of lime sulphur to combat any fungal problems before they occur. This […]

6 August

Mid-Winter Gardening Nuggets

In the middle of Winter, the rain and cold tend to keep us indoors a lot more than usual. Although the garden isn’t doing much this time of year either, there are a few things you can do to keep your lawn and garden ticking along nicely until Spring. Lawn If you’re going to cut the […]

4 July

Winter Gardening Tips

Winter is upon us which means shorter days, colder temperatures and more rain. So what does this mean for our gardens and lawns? Plants and lawns will begin their dormancy period, this means little growth for the next few months. All of the winter weeds have started to show up and the leaves from the […]

31 May

Give Your Garden Some Autumn TLC

Perth Garden Care Autumn is the perfect time to get the garden looking great! New Life Rip out the plants that didn’t survive the Summer and put in something new; you can refer to our last blog for some plant ideas. Now is the perfect time for some root growth to give your plants the best chance […]

23 April

3 Lawn Care Tips for Autumn

Perth Lawns We know that as a business or home owner, having a great looking lawn at the front of your premises makes a massive difference to the overall look of the property. Now is the perfect time of year to have a good look at your lawn!     These are the things that we […]

23 April

Autumn Planting in Perth

Plants for your Perth Garden Autumn is here which is the best time to get in the garden. The heat has backed off but the soil will still be warm and we are getting some rain, so this is the perfect time to start planting. Here are a few of our Autumn planting favourites to […]

20 March