3 Lawn Care Tips for Autumn

Perth Lawns

We know that as a business or home owner, having a great looking lawn at the front of your premises makes a massive difference to the overall look of the property. Now is the perfect time of year to have a good look at your lawn! 
These are the things that we are suggesting our clients look at doing now and really everybody else should be looking at it too.


Get ahead of the broadleaf weeds and bindii that are now rearing their ugly head by applying a selective herbicide to your lawn and you will notice the difference in winter.


Apply a slow release fertiliser now to give your lawn a good head start heading into the cooler months, the better the root growth before winter the better your lawn can cope with the weed invasion and the short days.


Have a look at you irrigation now too. If you see patches that are burnt or areas of varied growth it is most likely not getting the amount of water that it needs, give yourself peace of mind for next summer and have it fixed up before it becomes a problem again.
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