Lush Spring Perth Gardens

The sun is shining, the birds are singing and the bees are buzzing. This means only one thing… Spring is here and it’s time to get your garden looking lush!

Reach for the fertiliser, whether it is organic such as sheep and chicken poo or NPK blue and slow release granule. All of your plants are waking up and a little boost to the roots will really get you garden pumping.

Get your grass looking good- a lot of lawns will be full of weeds like clover, oxalis and the ever evil BINDI! Get them out of your lawn before they flower especially the bindi or you will be left with nasty little prickles in the lawn for the rest of the year, ouch! Either manually pull out the weeds or use a selective herbicide treatment to eradicate the lot. After you have the weeds sorted, apply a liberal amount of good quality lawn fertiliser.

The sprinkler ban has been lifted so it’s time to get you retic sorted now! Get in contact with us now and book in a start of season retic service. We will test all stations and flush out all of the pipes to get rid of any build up before it blocks up any nozzles. We can also replace sprinklers, test the efficiency of your system and locate valves