Mid-Winter Gardening Nuggets

In the middle of Winter, the rain and cold tend to keep us indoors a lot more than usual. Although the garden isn’t doing much this time of year either, there are a few things you can do to keep your lawn and garden ticking along nicely until Spring.


If you’re going to cut the lawn, adjust the height of the mower up slightly to keep the grass blades slightly longer. The longer the blade of grass, the more sunlight it can absorb for photosynthesis.
Also, regular mowing through winter helps to keep the weeds at bay.


July is the time to prune your roses and when you’re finished, spray them with lime sulphur to keep back powdery mildew, black spot and any other pests over Winter.

Fruit Trees

This is a good time to prune you’re deciduous fruit trees. It will help them keep a nice shape and be more fruitful.

Winter Weeds!

Keep on top of weeding because this time of year, as you know, the garden beds will be full of weeds. If you haven’t mulched yet, now is a good time and it will help keep those weeds down.

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