Pre-Spring Garden Preparation

Can you believe it….it’s almost the end of Winter? Let’s take care of any jobs that need doing before Spring arrives and our gardens spring back into life.

Prune Your Roses

If you haven’t already, prune back your roses and give them a dose of lime sulphur to combat any fungal problems before they occur. This also applies to grape vines.

Prune Trees and Shrubs

While you’re in the swing of it, prune your trees and shrubs into shape as well as deciduous fruit trees while they are still bare.


If you haven’t mulched yet, do it now! The warmer and longer days coming into spring is prime weed weather and a nice 5cm-10cm thick layer of mulch will hold the weeds back and also provide essential nutrients to your soil.

Lawn Care

Now is the time you start seeing bindi popping up which needs to be removed before it flowers and the whole family starts complaining about getting nasty prickles in their feet. It needs to be removed manually or by applying a selective herbicide.
If your lawn is feeling spongy and looking thatch, think about getting it vertimowed for Spring to get that “putting green” look for summer.

Service Your Retic

Now is the perfect time to get your retic sorted. There are only a few weeks until the sprinkler ban is over for the year, so don’t get caught out with broken sprinklers or defective valves. If you have a bore that hasn’t run for a couple of months, switch it on now to test the pump is still running fine and consider getting the pump serviced before Spring.

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