Winter Gardening Tips

Winter is upon us which means shorter days, colder temperatures and more rain. So what does this mean for our gardens and lawns?

Plants and lawns will begin their dormancy period, this means little growth for the next few months. All of the winter weeds have started to show up and the leaves from the deciduous have mostly fallen off.

Here are some tips to keep things looking great during Winter.

  • When you see those weeds start to pop up, pull them out before they flower. Spread a nice layer of chunky mulch to help suppress the weeds and keep the soil nice and warm.
  • The same applies to your lawn, if you see weeds pull them out before they flower or spray them with a selective herbicide.
  • Get out the rake and remove leaves off the grass. While you’re at it, prune any trees or large shrubs around your lawn to let as much sunlight get through to your lawn as possible, keeping it healthy through winter.
  • June is still a great time to plant so if you have anything that needs replacing or some new ideas for the garden, get it done now.
  • Reticulation is switched off from 1st June to 31st August so this is a great time to fix any problems you may have with your system or make adjustments and upgrades.

If you require any help with your landscaping and garden maintenance, get in touch with us today.